The Poverty Alleviation and Waste reuse Small business (PAWs)


PAWs program uses REII’s technology and business models to make high quality plastic thatch roof while creating entrepreneurial opportunities in places like Ecuador. Our program simultaneously addresses poverty and a critical environmental pollution issue.

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 Where We Work

Northwest of Ecuador, the Choco-Andean Corridor has approximately 100,000 families who live in small farming communities. As in other rural areas, the population in the Choco-Andean region tends to work in agriculture, and to have limited access to economic resources and employment. Most of the residents live in poorly designed housing that do not allow for natural lighting and ventilation. With the support of our partner, Fundación Maquipucuna (FM), REII has successfully installed the first EcoPlastech thatched roof in the Choco-Andes region. We plan to deliver our high quality PT roofing product to the Choco-Andes’ residents and create business opportunities through employing our modified franchise business model to promote and expand the use and acceptance of this new roofing option.