Updates from the Field

En route to Ecuador – August 10, 2014 

Dear REII Supporters:

Starting something new is rarely easy and is often fraught with risk, anxiety and doubt, so it has been with the start of the Reuse Everything Institute, Inc. (REII). We know the process works and we know the product works, but you can never know that all elements of a complex organization will mesh, engage and move forward. Yet amid all this uncertainty, you have continued to believe in us and indeed REII is moving forward. We have ten talented CMU student engineers and two professional engineers travelling with us to Ecuador to field-test and install another roof. What we learn from this field application of our process will propel our enterprise much further in the coming months. So far we have beaten the odds and we are making great progress against a global plastic waste crisis. The “chassis” we are building now is for an “all-terrain vehicle” that is intended to carry the REII plastic reuse concept to every place that uses plastic bottles in every country for anybody that wants to make a difference while making a sustainable living. Yeah, we do have a grand vision, but that is because we are confronted with a grand problem – and we fervently feel we have a viable solution!

We are very grateful for your kind support. This brief message will give you information about how to follow our progress in the coming weeks. Our website is www.reuseeverything.org and we will update to www.facebook.com/ReuseEverything – we will be posting journal entries and video clips to these sites to keep people up on our activities.

Your generous support has made it possible for REII to make these important early strides on our PET thatch project and our pilot coffee project. We will have exciting results to share with everyone over the next few weeks and in the coming months. We will work to make sure your faith in our project makes a world of difference.

Our thanks and abiding gratitude, David and Vananh

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