GIST Startup Bootcamp!

REII is participating in the Global Innovation though Science and Technology (GIST) Startup Bootcamp - root us on as we compete in Ho Chi Minh City to help us push forward tomorrow's innovations!

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Help automate REII plastic reuse machine!

Your contribution matters in many ways. It will help invigorate local economies, create meaningful jobs, and improve our environment. Our machines convert discarded plastic bottles into attractive retail ready building materials.

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Feature on TakePart WORLD

Check out our recent article on TakePart, we've really made great strides this year and we only plan to keep up the pace! Check our website frequently for new updates on our projects.

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Reuse Everything Institute, Inc.

Invigorating local economies while improving our environment

Reuse Everything Institute in Vietnam!

REII expands to vietnam to prototype and perform pilot project after creating a series of machines to turn it into affordable construction materials. In conjunction with Duy Tan University an innovation hub has been established to continue focus on reusing waste plastic with appropriate technology.

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Welcome Message

Welcome message from our founders

Welcome to the REII webpage, we’re glad you’re here. It is our desire to engage you in our passion to co-create a better world. We want to be part of a global society committed to reusing everything, as is the natural order of things. Indeed, this is not simply a romantic notion, but an existential imperative. With over 7 billion people sharing planet Earth, we must move quickly toward a more sustainable lifestyle. However, more immediately, REII is focused at this time on the reuse of waste plastic bottles. We are concentrating on waste plastic because we use so much of it and we generally use this resource so incompletely. Plastic packaging is generally wasted after its packaging function is finished; however, its potential life-cycle has only just begun. Depending on exposure to UV plastic can last hundreds of years, yet it is often discarded after a few hours or perhaps days of use. At REII we have patented technology to cut and fuse waste plastic into continuous plastic ribbons that can be used in a variety of construction products. Our model is to use our technology to establish sustainable small businesses in communities around the world that can use waste plastic as the basis for their livelihoods. By decentralizing the process the communities will consume far less energy and establish entrepreneurial activity in communities where this activity has the potential to invigorate lagging economies while cleaning the environment and providing better living conditions with affordable building materials. To make this vision a reality we need your help. On average each person uses between 150-200 plastic bottles each year. If concerned citizens were to give REII $20 as a “credit” for those bottles we would take that investment and create the machines and training materials to raise thousands of families out of poverty while vastly reducing plastic bottle waste. Your contributions and support makes the difference. We have been able to succeed so far through generous financial support and many thousands of volunteer hours. Though the task seems overwhelming, we cannot give in to despair. We need action and continued support to achieve a better future. Thank you for your commitment to action for ourselves and for future generations of all living things. Sincerely, Vananh & David