Individual Giving


We are ready to field-test our prototype. 

Our initial product – a plastic thatch roof – was created in 2009 and is still in use at the FundaciónMaquipucuna (FM), a 15,000 acre reserve in Ecuador that has been featured in National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and the BBC for protecting two of the top 5 places of biodiversity on the planet. Our goal this year is to start a true pilot with our new radical reuse machines in Vietnam with the help of our new lab at Duy Tan University.

For the past four years, REII and our student engineers from CMU/EWB have been hard at work to improve our production process. We are now fundraising to:

  • Purchase materials and equipment to continue technology automation
  • Field test our new production process
  • Create and install a plastic thatch roof over a community bridge
  • Support further product R&D


On average, people use nearly 200 plastic bottles per year in the U.S.  Please 
consider making a donation to offset your consumption and support these critical programs.

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