Reuse Everything Institute, Inc (REII)

REII is a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering and rediscovering ways of using knowledge and resources for better ecological management of human activity on our shared planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use REII technologies to create sustainable businesses that provide jobs and improve the environment.

Our Products


Roof with Plastic Thatch

Roof with Plastic Thatch

 Plastic Thatch:

PT produced with REII’s technology is more effective than current roofing alternatives. PT is a significantly superior roof in tropical climates because it sheds water more efficiently and has superior heat venting qualities. It’s quieter in the rain than metal roofs, lasts 10 times longer than natural thatch and provides a brighter interior living space through daylight penetration.




REII Co-founders with prototype fence

REII Co-founders with prototype fence

Landscaping fence offers homeowner a way to protect their home gardens from deer and other plant-damaging animals without obstructing the beauty of the landscaping. Our fence is as effective as other fence but superior because it does not obstruct the view and reuses waste plastic bottles.

Snow fence can be used for public  or private use to keep snow from drifting.  As with our landscaping fence, the transparent quality of our fence does not obstruct scenic beauty or visibility, while providing the same advantages of other snow fencing products.

Construction fence will be made out of colored bottles and be used in the same manner as other construction fence products.

Green house roof covers the reclaimed plastic bottles will be used to create continuous plastic sheets that will be purposed for covering greenhouses. These can be made to order in sizes required.



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