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Starting something new is rarely easy and is often fraught with risk, anxiety and doubt, so it has been with the start of the Reuse Everything Institute, Inc. (REII). We know the process works and we know the product works, but you can never know that all elements of a complex organization will mesh, engage and move forward. Yet amid all this uncertainty, you have continued to believe in us and indeed REII is moving forward.

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Reuse Everything Institute, Inc.

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A Special Thank You and Update to Our Supporters

Dear Supporters:


REII and our team of volunteers have recently returned from our field-test expedition in Ecuador. We want to thank you once again for helping us along this path to creating a more sustainable world. We would also like to share with you the good news about our progress. During our few weeks in Ecuador we have been able to manufacture and install a plastic roof made of waste plastic bottles. On the same structure we created and installed and are testing 3 different types of plastic roofing and over the next several months we will monitor the performance of these designs and we will also analyze the data collected during their manufacture and installation. We want to determine the most cost effective method to convert waste plastic bottles into construction products. Our test roofs and the data we have collected from this field-research are major advancements in our effort to create a more sustainable world.

We also were able to use this expedition to collect data on how to reuse waste in the coffee making production process to help make small coffee farmers more sustainable. While this might not seem like an issue that is relevant to your daily life, hold that thought while you are holding your next cup of coffee. While high-end coffee retailers are selling you $4 lattes and cappuccinos, small farmers that grow the coffee beans are often unable to recoup the cost of the inputs to grow that coffee. REII is creating ways to make improvements all along the production process to add value for the farmer, while improving the coffee that ends up in your cup.

Our travel team from the Carnegie Mellon University chapter of Engineers without Borders could not have been better. We had several obstacles thrown our way but the team never gave up in their determination to achieve the objectives of this expedition. Because of their determination and commitment to our mission, we have achieved amazing results that promise great strides in the coming semesters while they are back on campus. We are actively moving into our next phase of collaboration as we work to consolidate our learning and achievements from the Ecuador expedition.

Stay posted for further updates and pictures from our trip!

All the best,


David and Vananh

Your friends at REII

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