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Check out our recent article in the Huffington post, we've really made great strides this year and we only plan to keep up the pace! Check our website frequently for new updates on our projects.

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Your contribution matters in many ways. It will help reduce the waste plastic bottles in the landfill, alleviate poverty through venture creation and turn WPBs as affordable construction products. We are a dedicated group of people determined to make positive changes in our world - be a part of this transformation & contribute generously to this project.

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Starting something new is rarely easy and is often fraught with risk, anxiety and doubt, so it has been with the start of the Reuse Everything Institute, Inc. (REII). We know the process works and we know the product works, but you can never know that all elements of a complex organization will mesh, engage and move forward. Yet amid all this uncertainty, you have continued to believe in us and indeed REII is moving forward.

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