GIST Startup Bootcamp!

REII is participating in the Global Innovation though Science and Technology (GIST) Startup Bootcamp - root us on as we compete in Ho Chi Minh City to help us push forward tomorrow's innovations!

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Help automate REII plastic reuse machine!

Your contribution matters in many ways. It will help invigorate local economies, create meaningful jobs, and improve our environment. Our machines convert discarded plastic bottles into attractive retail ready building materials.

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Feature on TakePart WORLD

Check out our recent article on TakePart, we've really made great strides this year and we only plan to keep up the pace! Check our website frequently for new updates on our projects.

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Reuse Everything Institute, Inc.

Invigorating local economies while improving our environment

Reuse Everything Institute in Vietnam!

REII expands to vietnam to prototype and perform pilot project after creating a series of machines to turn it into affordable construction materials. In conjunction with Duy Tan University an innovation hub has been established to continue focus on reusing waste plastic with appropriate technology.

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REII co-founders

REII on Essential Pittsburgh

Click on Audio to hear Dr. David Saiia & Vananh Le, REII co-founders, speak about current projects and the thought process behind our organization on 90.5 FM in Pittsburgh!